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Roof systems

A number of factors, including the pitch of the roof, the aesthetics you wish to present or maintain, and your budget, are considered when determining the best roof for your building. Before beginning any project, a complete assessment is conducted, and all of your options are presented and discussed.

It’s important to remember that not every structure used for business purposes will necessarily need to have the most durable, energy-efficient roofing materials available. When your needs are more economical in nature, we can help you arrive at the best roofing solutions.

Commercial Roof

Our roof systems

Commercial Roof Installation

New Construction

Whether it be a 3,000-square-foot addition to your facility or a 1MMSF plus distribution warehouse Ream Roofing has made a significant investment in both safety and equipment to ensure they can complete your project in a timely fashion, with competitive pricing, and the highest quality. Recently included new construction projects include:

170KSF Freezer and cold storage facility in MD, 1.25MMSF distribution facility in Hamburg, PA, 800KSF distribution facility in Middletown, PA, two 300KSF in Lancaster, PA, and 150KSF in Alta Vista, VA.

Commercial & Industrial Roof Replacement

Ream Roofing continues to cultivate numerous relationships with industry leaders by maintaining and providing roof replacement services on various types of facilities. The roof replacement process starts with an RFP (Request for Proposal). A member of management will review client needs and expectations and provide a turnkey proposal for roof replacement. Oversight by an executive member of management, a project-specific project manager, and a site foreman are assigned to each project to ensure open lines of communication are kept before, during, and after the completion of every project. Upon completion, projects are logged in Ream’s client management portal and turned over to Ream’s service department for the life of the roof and beyond.

Stony Battery Dock

Roof Service Department

Roof service is and will continue to be a priority of Ream Roofing Associates.

Services Provide:

1. Roof evaluations and inspections
2. Leak evaluation and repair
3. Asset management programs
4. A dedicated Service Manager
5. Client Portal Access

These allow Ream Roofing to offer a robust Service Department to our clients, protecting one of their most important and costly assets. Ream Roofing has partnered with DataForma to enhance the client experience with detailed information available to their clients 24/7 via the portal accessible through our website.

Sheet Metal

Ream Roofing Associates employs some of the most talented and dedicated architectural sheet metal mechanics in the area and beyond. Fortunately, this is an area where pictures are worth a thousand words, and the photos within provide great insight of the abilities that the professionals at Ream Roofing possess.